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About the museum
The multimedia museum of the new view on history is a unique cultural project with no counterparts in Russia or abroad. The museum's main and only exhibit is not an object of material culture, but a scientific theory. The museum participates in the Association of Private Museums.
The museum tours are self-guided through the use of multimedia. In the 14 halls of the museum, visitors are introduced to world history reconstructed by the founders of the New Chronology, A.T. Fomenko, G.V. Nosovsky and T.N. Fomenko, based on the author's empirical-statistical and astronomical methods of dating ancient and medieval events.
multimedia floors
themed Halls
interactive projections
Digital Museum
in the center of Yaroslavl
The multimedia museum of a new view of history is located in the main building of the estate of Princes Kurakin. The house was erected in the first third of the 19th century, in 1867.

The house stands on the red line, occupying an important town-planning position at the intersection of the Volga embankment and the Pervomaisky Boulevard.
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Yaroslavl, Volzhskaya naberezhnaya, 45/1
museum founders
+ Founded the PROTEK Group
+ Founded the St Gregory the Theologian Charitable Foundation
+ Founded the Multimedia museum of the new view on history
Vadim Sergeyevich Yakunin
Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PROTEK Group
Doctor of Economics, Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ecolline Group, philanthropist
Oleg Alexeyevich Zharov
+ Founded the Multimedia museum of the new view on history
+ Founded the House of the Muses Museum of Contemporary Art
+ Founded the E.A. Ankudinova Historical and Cultural Complex Vyatskoye
+ Established Ecolline Group
+ Wrote over 100 scientific articles
Museum reviews
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Probably one of the best museums in the city, if not the country. A unique place where you can learn about real world history. Thank you to the founders and staff of the museum for their invaluable contribution to science! The museum has left positive impressions and one wishes to return again and again to study everything in details! The interactivity of the museum is also above all praise - it is European level!
Visited the museum and came out feeling like "reading a book". Everything is very interesting, bright, modern, digital. It's more than a museum! Besides really interesting content, you will be surprised how entertaining it is to present information: digital panels, projections, light, sound, a year, a tablet - everything is like in fantasy movies - only it is embodied in the very centre of Yaroslavl.
A very interesting and technically advanced museum. Brand new and well equipped with multimedia exhibits.
Surprisingly, the museum provides visitors with the opportunity to explore an alternative view of human history. Although this view can be quite controversial.
Olga Lisitsyna
Maria Volkova
Mike Kalishuk
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