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museum reviews
Perhaps one of the best museums in the city, if not the country. A unique place where you can learn about real world history. Thanks to the founders and employees of the museum for their invaluable contribution to science! The museum has left an indelible positive impression, I want to return again and again to study everything in detail! Interactivity of the museum is also above all praise - it is the European level!
Visited the museum and came out with a feeling of "reading a book". Everything is very interesting, bright, modern, digital. It is more than a museum! Besides really interesting content, you will be surprised how entertaining it is to present information: digitals, projections, light, sound, a year, a tablet - everything is like in fantasy movies - only it is embodied in the center of Yaroslavl.
Visited this wonderful museum today. We were very impressed! The information is presented in an interesting and easy way and the authors make you think and rethink many of the events of classical history. We advise to visit at least once.
The museum is unusual both in terms of its approach to information transfer and history.
I've long heard the theory about inconsistencies in history and this one focuses on that. Very interesting.
An unusual museum - not everyone will like it. Before visiting, I recommend going to the website and reading about the exhibit. For me, the facts on which the new chronology is based are quite controversial. Do not go with children - quickly bored.

What I liked - a lot of interactive, the museum as a whole is very modern, convenient audio guides. But I would like to go through the exhibition with a live person, so the information would be absorbed much better.
We visited the museum and were very impressed! A huge multimedia space, the presentation of information is unparalleled in the region! Each room of the exposition is not only perfectly technically equipped, but also stylistically designed in its own way. In the museum you don't just listen and watch, but interact with all sorts of interactive things. Lots of information, take your time (it took us about 6 hours for a quiet, thoughtful tour). The time flew by without a hitch! Special thanks to the staff of the museum - they helped to orientate at the beginning, during the inspection too prompted. To believe or not to believe in the theory - a personal matter, but to visit the museum is definitely worth it. Plus a place in the piggy bank of interesting things and a pleasant surprise that in Yaroslavl there is such an unusual museum!
A very interesting and technically advanced museum. Completely new and well equipped with multimedia exhibits.
It is amazing that the museum gives visitors the opportunity to explore an alternative view of human history. Although this view can be quite controversial.
With great interest visited the Museum of New Chronology. We had a lot of fun. We were surprised by the new unusual approach to the study of history. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and acquaintances to visit your museum.
The theory of chronology is excellently presented with all the modern multimedia technology. Makes you think about the ambiguous course of world history, as generally accepted chronologies are not perfect and the starting points of historical events are murky. A controversial museum, therefore interesting.
Today I visited the multimedia museum of new history. I'm studying history at a fairly conservative university and it was hard to take in this information. There were really worthy arguments, which I think I will ponder for a long time. As for the museum, the interactive areas at a high level, interestingly presented material and most importantly responsive and kind people work there. I recommend to visit!
Visited this museum expecting to see the typical piles of documents and items under numbers... But I was shocked at how great the museum is! Everything is technically new, equipped, and there is a direct interaction with the surroundings.
Learning about history from a different angle, completely new and not popular, was amazing. Getting acquainted with the information presented did not notice how 6 hours had passed.
The staff also left a great impression, all helped and told you everything you asked. To summarize, I can say that I am very happy that this kind of museum appeared in the city.
I will definitely recommend people to visit it.
And to the professors of this theory special thanks and good luck in the fight for the truth.
Olga Lisitsyna
Maria Volkova
Anna Makarova
Andrey Sobolev
Polina Strelnikova
Oksana Pavlyuk
Mike Kalishuk
Olga Kolomacka
Irina Yurina
Maria Shiryaeva
Konstantin Lanin
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